Peter  Ballantyne Cree Nation: The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation people have occupied lands in Northeast Saskatchewan since time immemorial. The roots in the area run long and deep.

CMHC Housing/ Capital

CMHC Director:

Director of PBCN Housing

PBCN Housing Committees:

To be decided at each community level

Picture of Southend in the early 1900's
Southend in the early 1900's

INAC Capital Housing Program Coordinators:

Housing Acting Director: Gerald Hyman, Pelican Narrows Housing Acting 
Coordinator: Jonah Merasty, Southend Housing Coordinator: Clayton Morin,
Deschambault Lake Housing Coordinator: John Eninew, Sandy Bay Housing
Coordinator: Leo Merasty

Housing Projects

Deschambault Lake Picture
Deschambault Lake

Sturgeon Landing Picture

Sturgeon Landing
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