Peter  Ballantyne Cree Nation: The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation people have occupied lands in Northeast Saskatchewan since time immemorial. The roots in the area run long and deep.

Vision & Mission Statement


All children are gifts of the Creator and as
such they are sacred beings to be treated with the
necessary dignity and respect. The whole community
is involved in the education of children, an education
that is holistic and that rests on the culture and values
of the Woodland Cree.

Learning is a life-long process that extends beyond the walls of the school. The Elders are the holders of the wisdom and knowledge of the Woodland Cree. They are an integral part of the education program. Through the Elders, the families and the community, the schools will establish a strong cultural and language program. This traditional aspects to an educationist essential for the establishment of a strong sense of identity.

The formal education setting will stress the necessary academics so as to prepare the students for their future, whether it is traditional pursuits, post-secondary, or the trades and technologies. Students will have all of the necessary prerequisite skills to pursue their dreams.
Children at all levels needs to be challenged and must have the opportunity to succeed. As such programming will be appropriate to the level and needs of each student.

An integrated approach and interagency involvement is necessary to provide a balanced approach to education that addresses the four aspects of man-the mental,the physical,the emotional, and the spiritual. This will result in a holistic setting that allows all students to succeed in a spirit of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.


The schools of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation will strive to maintain the dignity and respect of each and every student. This will be accomplished through appropriate programming in both the traditional and contemporary aspects. To achieve this goal a holistic and integrated approach is necessary. This will be achieved through the following:

1. The culture of the students will be emphasized through the teaching of language and
2. Elders are the first teachers and the keepers of wisdom and knowledge. as such, there
     will be an Elders component to the schools.
3. There will be an emphasis on the maths and sciences at all levels of the formal school
4. Respect is reciprocal,and as such it extends from the staff to the students and
    students to the staff.
5. Programming will be adjusted to meet the needs of all students in general and academic
    program and special needs programming in particular.
6. Inservice is a necessary component of the school program.
7. Parental involvement is a necessary component of an education.
8. An interagency approach will be used to enhance and sustain the in-school program.
9. The values of the Woodland Cree will be emphasized.

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