Peter  Ballantyne Cree Nation: The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation people have occupied lands in Northeast Saskatchewan since time immemorial. The roots in the area run long and deep.

Community Profile
Deschambault Lake

Cree Name
The name in Cree is "Kimoosom Pwatinak"
meaning, or named after a Cree Legend,
where the grandfather's had a battle with the
Sioux who came to fight then killed / chased
the rest of them off...

Located in the north eastern part of the province 328 kms northeast of Prince Albert.

Local Services & Retailers

  • Roddie's Confectionary
     - Gas/Diesel, food
  • Robins' Mini Shop-foods, confectionary

Local Economy

  • Hunting & Trapping
  • Commercial fishing
  • Guiding
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Recreational and Cultural opportunities
Local Band Services
  • Administration/Band Office
  • I.C.F.S.
  • Health services
  • Group home
  • Youth Center
  • Housing
  • Social Devlopment/Welfare
  • Elders/home care
  • Administration/Band Office


Deschambault Lake Resort
Phone: (306) 632-2166
Located at Kilometer 209 of the Hanson Lake Road (Saskatchewan Highway 106).

Bloomfield's Ballantyne Bay Resort
General Delivery, Deschambault Lake, SK S0P0C0
Fax (306)426-2005


  • Winter Festival
  • Treaty Days
  • Annual Burbot Fish Derby


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Amisk Lake
Deschambault Lake
Pelican Narrows
Prince Albert
Sandy Bay
Sturgeon Landing


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